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Herpes Dating Site

Herpes Dating Site


Herpes dating websites work by creating herpes single online society and providing a safe, anonymous, shame-free environment for their communication. Unfortunately, our society is unjustly looking at people who have sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, single cases of herpes are often tormented by romantic rejection and stigmatization.

On herpes dating websites, you don’t have to worry about stigmatization or an awkward conversation with a new partner. They value your privacy above everything else, because if you don’t want somebody to know of your diagnosis, you may not worry about one of these sites spilling the beans. You will be able to flirt, talk and meet someone with the help of HSV dating while keeping privacy.

Don’t prevent yourself from the full life

The web has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for people with genital herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases. Below you will find some of the best herpes dating websites. Some of them are provided only for users with herpes. The rest is for people with common STDs. Below we have described in general terms what you can expect from each site so that you can make a more productive choice for your lifestyle and romantic needs. Read our herpes dating sites review to choose the best offer and start a new romantic life. 

Best Herpes Sites 

Positive Singles

Positive Singles is a society for dating and support for the population with herpes, HIV, HPV, and other STDs. Founded in 2002, PositiveSingles is the world's largest online dating site for people with sexually transmitted diseases. In the United States, one out of every 6 people between the ages of 14 and forty-nine is suffering from herpes. More than 1 million single people have herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS and other STDs on the PositiveSingles website. They seek friendship, support or meetings meeting people with herpes.

Positive Singles dating website has many features. When at least some new member joins, he or she can post on the forum or create their own blogs. They can get a quick welcome response after posting messages there. Besides, they can get help from almost all other people living with STDs.


MPWH has brought thousands of matches for herpe singles. A dating website and herpes dating apps are a safe and stigma-free online dating environment throughout the United States. It's free to go through the registration procedure and meet people, understanding what you went through.

From an informational blog to member-only forums, MPWH provides an inclusive and cordial dating society for singles living with herpes. HSV loners of all races, religions, sexual orientations and genders can talk secretly on the platform to find support and maybe future husband or wife.


Herpes Passions is a free herpes dating website. Besides, it enables members to join an online network where you can select other dating websites that are connected, following your interests. This is a completely free no cost dating website where you can send messages or talk for free. Almost all the ladies and men have herpes, therefore there are a large number of people who were engaged in this problem. The dating site for people with herpes allows you to find people who go through HSV.

The tabs on the home page are extremely useful and comfortable. By activating them, you can find several options and interact with other participants on the website. But you need to go through the registration procedure and go through the registration process as a user if you want to activate your account. These tabs have many exciting features, such as blogs and chats, forums, videos, and even games and social activities. 

HSV singles dating website navigation is pretty simple. The website also provides social networking features for every single mail order bride and man with herpes. You can go through the registration process and get access to free chat features, as well as email and access to bulletin boards. The herpes dating website also has a huge number of other fascinating tabs, such as Books, forums, blogs, videos and other noteworthy materials that you can access. You can see which members are online and who are popular.


At the top of our list, H-Date is one of the herpe dating sites free for gay, lesbian, and heterosexual people. Thousands of participants find solace and romance in this niche dating society. As a free member, you can send likes, share photos and respond to everyone who contacts you.

Basic membership in the H-Date allows Daters to browse the website by interests or location to find someone special. The herpes dating site also sends automatic e-mails at a time when another user wants to team up with you because a frank communication is just one click away.


H-Mates was launched in 2004. Hmates.com is a stern dating and support website designed to support people living with HSV (herpes simplex virus), HPV (human papillomavirus) or other types of STDs, to find friends, love, support, and romance. It is free to join. It has many unique functions, helping single herpes people bind together.

To join H-Mates, you must confirm your own email address before registering an account. All accesses will be denied if you do not have a completed and approved profile. This is a good feature to protect user privacy. As a rule, you need to wait 24 hours after creating your profile. After proving your profile, you will receive an email with a proof.

Most H-Mates are from the United States, England, Australia, and Canada. All major features are free. If you want to enjoy more special benefits, such as the introduction of video, audio/text chat, mobile chat and sending an unlimited number of everyday emails, you can become a donor member. The donation fee is lower concerning the membership fee of the other online herpes dating websites.


HWERKS is an online dating website aimed only at people with herpes. There are many well-known websites helping people who suffer from herpes find love, but HWERKS is quite unique to a significant extent. Unlike other websites, they use Ning.com to launch social networking websites, which, in turn, helps make society. This amazing synergy really helps expand their membership base, which, in turn, helps users find a partner of their own dreams. 

They also have only paid membership, which has both positive and negative features. The great thing is that users may think that the person they are trying to contact is real and there will not be any bad people having fun around this website. The bad side is that due to paid membership access, the website has fewer users than most of the other websites.

HWERKS claims to be very different from other similar websites, offering people who suffer from herpes the opportunity to find the deepest content-rich partnership. Their claims are based not only on the different functions that they provide but also on their unique method of building society using social networks.


Anonymous Herpes is a dating website and a support society for those who have herpes to find people with the same criteria, to meet, make friends and date. The website is completely free, which means that users can use all the features. HerpesAnonymous has several features, like almost all paid dating websites.

Anonymous Herpes also claims that this is a place where people who suffer from herpes can get help from by reading the latest news and learning about new ways to heal.

Registration and creation of a profile are pretty simple, but several users report that for your profile to be accepted, you need to contact the webmaster.

The website is completely free. The best thing about this website is that it is free. This means that regardless of income, at least someone who wants to make friends, seek support from their own herpes or date, can join this website and be able to use all the functions without having to pay for them.

The website is easy to use and provides several nice features that should make it easier to meet new people.


H-YPE is a dating website designed for people who suffer from herpes in England. Their main goal is to achieve positive changes in the population with herpes or HPV, helping them find a partner who is located in the same local area as them. Living with an STD is not easy, as the world we live in still lacks understanding and empathy when it comes to these people. Specifically, for this reason, the sites exist, like H-YPE, so that they can make a society of people who care and support each other.

H-YPE is unique among other websites, as it is intended only for people who live in the UK. If you are from any other state, access to their home page will be denied for you. Is it also managed by people suffering from STDs, because there is little trust provided by this service? Besides, it is known as one of the more accessible sites for the population with herpes.

Why Singles with Herpes Are Using Herpes Dating Service?

HSV is more common than you think. According to estimates, approximately 50% of residents have HSV-1 or what is commonly understood as oral herpes, which spreads only through oral contact. And also, approximately one out of every 6 people aged 14 to 49 years has HSV-2, the last of which usually belongs to the “classic” category of STDs. 

More fundamental than the number of people who have the virus is the lifestyle that accompanies it. The fact that someone has herpes does not mean that he or she cannot date, or that they are somehow tarnished. STIs can be transmitted during the first sexual contact with an individual, or simply because the former partner was not honest about his condition. Despite the old stigma that our society carries within itself, herpes in no way means that the infected person is dirty or have pure values in life. How to date with herpes? Use these tips to find more partners to choose from and gain more confidence. 

  • Be willing to communicate;

  • Don’t be afraid to get emotionally intimate;

  • Recognize there is always a risk;

  • Consider medication;

  • Know the correct way to use a condom;

  • Manage your stress.

Herpes dating demand more communication, endurance, and creative proximity. If you have HSV-2, it’s important to be conscientious and tell your partner about the virus at the appropriate time. This should not be the first sentence that comes out of your mouth, but it should also not be surprised before you jump into bed, when passion can beat rational thinking.

Your Love Life Is Not Over with Herpes

Herpes dating websites are very different from everyday dating websites on the Web. If someone has been diagnosed with herpes our selection of the 8 best HSV dating sites will allow you to meet similar people like you in an environment that is free from stigma and discrimination. You can find friendship, communication, social support and love on these websites, having a huge number of unique functions that are easy and comfortable to use. Here you can meet someone special who makes you feel better.

Use some of our tips to build strong relationships:

  • Send the message before you have sex;

  • Focus on your partner;

  • Choose your language wisely;

  • Be direct but positive when introducing the topic;

  • Pay attention to their response;

  • Explain why sexual health is important to you.

When a person is diagnosed with a particular type of herpes, the usual idea of ​herpes ​dating can just make him feel anxious terrified. Will he ever find love again? Will anyone want relationships with them in spite of their condition? After diagnosing herpes, a person will worry about the judgments and criticism of other people. It is great that now dating with herpes is not so creepy as before. Now there are more plenty of singles with herpes who use HSV dating websites to find and start a relationship.

The Right Person Won't Reject You 

The truth is that some people will reject you when they find out that you have herpes. According to the author of the herpes support forum, "getting to know herpes can be stressful." But, if you do these things, then diagnosing herpes is not the end of the world:

  • Talk about your diagnosis early;

  • Keep the info under your arm so you can truly talk about the real risks and difficulties of the disease;

  • Be prepared to do everything you can to reduce the chance of spreading herpes to your partner.

Almost all people with genital and oral herpes openly talk about their own condition. Most of them have active, happy dating and sex life. In truth, it’s so hard to meet a suitable person that getting to know herpes makes it only a little harder. Life after herpes does not mean a life without love.

Herpes daters should not be ashamed to hide on these positive dating websites. There is no need to feel embarrassed when you are surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through. Dating websites for herpes-positive dating work to remove the stigma from these sensitive honey conditions and give hope to single people living with herpes.

Whether you are looking for a sympathetic friend or sexually active partner, our 8 herpes dating sites can help you match up with someone who perceives you and your diagnosis without judgment.


The online world provides so many dating options for people with herpes, but do herpes dating websites really suit you? You should ask yourself a few questions before creating a profile on one of these websites. Naturally, you can always set up an online profile, and also use other sites, such as Tinder, if you wish.

Fortunately, the Web destroys some of the barriers that are being imposed on ourselves and society. Herpes dating sites are providing a transparent environment for cooperation and dating without prejudice. When you discover the world of herpes dating online, you will find the convenience and safety of staying behind the screen allows you to simply talk about your own specific condition and be as honest and as blunt as possible. That helps people to meet face to face. The virus becomes the least important, and your personality goes to the main stage.

The websites above, designed for people with herpes, make for a purpose of communication between users. There is magic, increasing your confidence in offline dating. Even more fundamentally, niche dating sites for people with herpes make it easier to overcome awkward situations that are associated with STD-talk, allowing you to have fun, important connections with others while remaining harmless and conscientious. If you have a virus, there is no reason to stop your private life. Continue in communication and save a little time in your own life when you discover the best herpes dating websites. Start your search right now and expend your dating experience.